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Four idiots take on the world, and each other, with dubious facts and opinions.

After a nice break, we decided to catch up and give all of our opinions on the shenanigans that has been the world over the past month. From Matt Hancock to Britney Spears, we discuss it all.

This is the part one of a chat about Music. We cover a few subjects from your funeral song to the worst songs ever written. This is part one and we will be back in two weeks for part two. Keep and eye on social media for interactions with Part two.

Wham and Bleed

This is a busy week for us. We started by talking about the unusual events being documented by "hamcitynr2" on TIKTOK that's a story we are following closely as its dead creepy. In standard fashion we get side tracked quickly and end up discussing the easter eggs hidden in "army of the dead"

this week we finished talking about Dreams and sleep. We also covered a bunch of other subjects including the Titanic, Blackfish and music.


This week we delve into Dreams and more specifically Nightmares. We had to cut this one short due to technical problems but will finish the rest of the subject up in next weeks episode.

In this weeks episode we talk about having opinions regardless of how unpopular they may be. As we often try to we cover all the comments that we have had on our Facebook page so if you haven't already, look us up on there to join in.


This time we're talking all things celebrity. The best, the worst and everything in between. We also discover that Sam has a very unique way of saying goodbye. Still, each to their own. We own no rights to music in this video. There does seem to be a slight issue with the Pacifists Pick but hopefully we can re-edit and have that sorted very soon. As always, please like and subscribe.

In this episode we talk about all those hated things that we just want to throw into a pit of snakes. Like room 101 but with venom.

Parenting Pt2

Part 2 of our parenting disasterclass. 


This week we talk about parenting. Disclaimer, what is discussed here should not be used as a manual for raising children.

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